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Destination Salzburg City Centre   

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Salzburg City Centre

The residence of Salzburg is a huge building with 180 rooms and 3 ample patios. In former times it was the bishop´s see, now there is a gallery where a great number of pictures by renowned european painters from the 16th-19th century are presented. Besides you can visit there the ancient representation rooms and housing space of the bishops, which show the pompous baroque furnishing that reveals the prosperity and glory in former times.

On the “Residenzplatz”, which is the square in front of the residence there is the most beautiful fountain of Salzburg: The “Residenzbrunnen”.

The government building and the Salzburg Museum are also located at the “Residenzplatz”, it is called “Neue Residenz”. On the western side of the building there is the “Glockenspiel” which plays 40 different compositions with 35 bells, as well there are performed some of Mozart, of course.

Next to the “Neue Residenz” there is the square called “Mozartplatz” and the monument of Mozart. As it is well known Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Salzburg have a close relationship.

The “Getreidegasse” is also the most conspicuous shopping street in Salzburg. If you go for a stroll along the street the guild symbols will attract your attention. Even the romantic houses and small patios will make the atmosphere memorable. Additionally there are various shops which offer lots of different things, for example clothing, jewellery and other accessory.

In the “Getreidegasse” there is also the birth house of Mozart. He was born there on the 27th of January in 1756 and lived there with his family for more than 26 years. Now it is utilised as a museum where different exhibition pieces are shown. So every year lots of tourists from all over the world come to the birth house of Mozart to admire the ancient housing space of the family.

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