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Destination Salzburg City Centre   

Salzburg City Centre

Salzburg – the cultural and festival city in the heart of Europe – enchants everyone with its charm and its unique skyline.

At the beginning of the 20th century Salzburg got an important stimulus because of the foundation of the “Salzburger Festspiele”. The impacts of the festival are still influencing the cultural life in the city. Because of this reason Salzburg has become a much frequented touristic and artistic centre in Europe.
Furthermore Salzburg offers such an uniqueness of sights in the centre that it had become in 1997 World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

The city of Salzburg with its 150 000 residents is situated in the northern part of the federal state Salzburg. It is world-famous for being the main location of the film “The Sound of Music” and for being the home city of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The landmark of Salzburg is the “Festung Hohensalzburg”. It is a huge castle which was built in 1077, renovated in the 16th century and is now the biggest castle in the middle of Europe which is completely preserved. The castle had never been captured by the diverse enemies although there were a lot of wars for centuries.
Today it is a fascinating attraction for tourists. They either walk up the hill or they can also take the “Festungsbahn”, a small tram. In the castle there are a lot of things which have to be visited. For example the medieval “Fürstenzimmer”, different exhibitions, interesting museums and of course the gorgeous view over the city and the wonderful landscape of Salzburg.

Below the “Festung” there is the most significant sacral building: The cathedral of Salzburg. It was originally built in the 8th century, but several fires destroyed parts of the cathedral. However, it was renovated and expanded and now it is an impressive building of the early Baroque period.
The square in front of the cathedral, which is said to be “Domplatz”, is another highlight of Salzburg. The statue of the Virgin Mary is positioned in the center of the cathedral square.
Every summer during the festival season there occurs the famous play called “Jedermann” written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal.
In pre-Christmas period there takes place the romantic and atmospheric Christmas fair, which is well attended.

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