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Destination Salzburg City Centre   

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(Version 1.50, 9:36 mins)

Compact informations about destination Salzburg City Centre and a range of sights, places of interest and tips for your leisure time are shown in the Salzburg City Centre online HD video travel guide (show map).

Online HD-Videotravelguides Austria - Open preview videoReal, current and exclusive high definition video footage about Salzburg City Centre (no slideshow with old photos or upconverted lower resolution clips)!

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Video version: 1.50
Video length: 9:36 mins
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Prospect over the city of Salzburg to Fortress Hohensalzburg - Screenshot HD-Video Salzburg City CentreGuild symbols in the Getreidegasse - Screenshot HD-Video Salzburg City CentreChapter fountain at the chapter square - Screenshot HD-Video Salzburg City CentreMap Salzburg - Screenshot HD-Video Salzburg City CentreFortress Hohensalzburg viewed from the Richterhöhe - Screenshot HD-Video Salzburg City Centre
Cathedral of Salzburg at the cathedral square - Screenshot HD-Video Salzburg City CentreMozarts house of birth in the Getreidegasse - Screenshot HD-Video Salzburg City CentreBoat trip at the river Salzach - Screenshot HD-Video Salzburg City CentreMirabell garden and Mirabell castle - Screenshot HD-Video Salzburg City CentreFranciscan church - Screenshot HD-Video Salzburg City Centre


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