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Destination Mondsee   

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Apart from water sports there are also many sports activities which can be practised: for example there are two golfing courses around Mondsee and also playing tennis and riding the horse is offered.

What´s most popular about the “Mondseeland” is hiking and riding the bike because there are long cycling and hiking paths to go for a bicycle ride or for a hiking tour. Then you will get to know the lush flora and fauna and you will enjoy the extraordinary countryside.

One of the most popular short hiking tours, which is suitable for everyone, goes from the centre of Mondsee through the romantic dell “Helenental” and ends after 2 kilometres at a mill called “Erlachmühle”. There you can sit down on one of the benches and have a break and a snack.

If you want to go climbing you can get some adventures at the “Drachenwand” since 2009. It is a demanding tour with a length of 600 metres and you get over 400 metres height. The tour goes around the eastside of the summit of the “Drachenwand”. However, as it is a difficult climbing tour, it is only suitable for good climbers.

The region around Mondsee is also a fantastic area to go skating and riding the bike. There are many family-friendly bike routes where you can discover the region. For example you can go on a 25 km tour by bike which goes around the lake Mondsee. On the way around you can enjoy the scenery and, if you want to, you can take a break at many stops, where you get information about the long history of fishing in Mondsee.

Due to the diverse sports activities you can practise in this region, many sports events with a large number of international competitors take place, for example the half-marathon, the “Megathon”, the “5-lakes marathon by bike” and the triathlon.

However, there are not even sports events. Also a lot of leisure and cultural events take place. Therefore each first weekend in August the “Seefest”, which is a fair at the lake, happens to be. There you can see the performances of different bands and wonderful fireworks. Many people come and visit the “Seefest” to have a cosy and funny evening.

Furthermore each year there are the “days of music” in Mondsee and there is the theatre performance of the “Mondseer Jedermann”, a dialect spoken version of the popular play by Hugo von Hofmannsthal.

No matter if stay there for a long holiday or just for a couple of days, whether you practise sporting activities or you are interested in culture – Mondsee offers a varied program for all age classes.

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