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Destination Mondsee   

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At the promenade of the lake Mondsee you can go for a stroll through the Almeida Park and enjoy the marvellous view or sit down on one of the benches and relax a little bit.

This park offers also a lot of facilities for children: There is a huge playground with different swings, a climbing frame and many multifunctional toys.

As well it is a fantastic experience to discover the area by ship or boat. You can rent a small electro-boat to watch the beautiful scenery or you can make an excursion on one of the tourist ships. The captain gives you some information and tells anecdotes about the region around the Mondsee: for example why the lake is called Mondsee and the story about the mountain called “Drachenwand”. The story is about the huge hole in the mountain and why a dragon and the housekeeper of the priest of Mondsee are involved in it.

The lake Mondsee is one of the largest and also most beautiful lakes in the “Salzkammergut”. It is 11 kilometres long, 1,5 kilometres wide and 68 metres deep.

The motorway station area is one of the most renowned ones in Austria because there you have a fantastic view over the lake and the wonderful landscape.

Sportsmen and sportswomen are attracted by the lake: There is a large number of water activities you can practise, for example swimming, diving, water skiing, kite surfing and so on. There is also the largest sailing and surfing school in the German speaking world.
Another leisure activity is to relax and sunbathe at the lakeshore. All around the lake there are many possibilities, either on the public shore or in areas which are available for everyone for free.

The “Alpenseebad” is one of the public shores. It was renovated and widely expanded and it´s a pleasure for everyone. It offers a diving platform, a beach volleyball field, a more than 100 metres long slideway and many attractions more. It has a surface over 20.000 m2 – the largest public shore in the Salzkammergut - where you can enjoy your free time.

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