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Destination Mondsee   

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The historical marketplace is a popular meeting point for pedestrians in the summer. The houses in baroque style are a formidable scenery, and a lot of coffee shops and restaurants offer culinary delicacy.

In the evening there are concerts of different artists and the official band for brass instruments is performing every week. Every Thursday in July and August there is the so-called “Moonlightshopping”. There you can go for a stroll through Mondsee and enjoy the cosy atmosphere with different local bands and musicians.

On the “Hilfberg”, which is a small hill behind the castle, there is the “Bauernmuseum Mondseeland”, which was built in 2009. It is a museum about working in agriculture in former times. The “Freilichtmuseum Mondseer Rauchhaus” shows how a typical farm house was constructed with timber in the past. This is a special construction because the residential building, the cowshed and the barn were united in one building. Therefore there wasn´t any chimney and the smoke went upstairs to the cereal stock to get it dried.

Next to the museum you will find the “Wallfahrtskirche Mariahilf” which is a popular church for weddings and christenings. In front of the church you have an amazing view over Mondsee, the lake and the mountains called “Drachenwand” and “Schafberg”.

On one of the ways from the centre of Mondsee to the lakeshore, which can be reached in a few minutes by feet, you will pass an installation to undergo a Kneipp cure. Regarding to a colour guidance system you can try the five aspects of Kneipp therapies, for example the barefoot path or diverse water applications.

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