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Destination Mondsee   


The community of Mondsee with about 3500 residents and the lake “Mondsee” are situated in the northwest of the Salzkammergut at a sea level of nearly 500 metres. In the southwest of Upper Austria, quite close to Salzburg – the city of Mozart – Mondsee offers a lot of cultural events, different sport activities, wonderful scenery and many sights.

All over the world, Mondsee is particularly famous for the movie “The Sound of Music”. In 1965 this American filmmusical was honored with five “Oscars”. The church in Mondsee was the location for the wedding scene, where Julie Andrews as “Maria” and Christopher Plummer as “Baron Georg von Trapp” got married.
Today the basilica of St. Michael is one of the biggest gothic churches in Austria with an impressive interior design, which was mainly created by Meinrad Guggenbichler, a renowned baroque sculptor.

At the left side of the church there is the castle of Mondsee, which was built in 748 by Herzog Odilo. It was originally a Christian monastery and was of huge importance for Christianity. Now it is one of the oldest convents in Austria and several parts of it are used as a cultural centre where different events take place. Furthermore there is also a hotel.
One of the rooms in the castle is called “Fürstenzimmer”. It is a wonderful register office, in which a lot of couples get married every year.

You can gain an insight into the 5000 years of history and tradition of the region Mondseeland, which consists of Mondsee and seven other communities, in the “Heimat- und Pfahlbaumuseum”, which is located between the castle and basilica.

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